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isnt a costume slightly different though? its not like she was wearing it outside and in public places. i mean kids dress as indians for halloween all the time but we dont say anything about them



I’m gonna stop you there, anon. People’s cultures are not costumes. You best believe if I see someone dress up as a “black person” on Halloween, Imma lose my mind. The reason no one says anything is because not everyone is aware that what they’re doing is wrong.

It’s not right to say, “hey I’m gonna be a Native American for Halloween” because by doing so you are turning a culture into an accessory and dehumanize a whole group of people. It’s not right because after your night of fun is over, you can take the costume and go about your privilege life. Meanwhile the actual people who you thought would be fun to impersonate don’t get that opportunity.

No, instead they have to deal with the continuous racism and oppression day after day. There is no choice for them and by dressing up as them for fun, you negate their struggles and turn it into some sort of joke.

You get to be “Black/Native American” without actually being Black/Native American and I can’t even put into words how frustrating and offensive that is. My culture is not your supermarket where you can pick and choose why you like without having to struggle like I do because I don’t have the same privileges as you.

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